How I Got an ARTbeat

An artist is born with talent and uses imagination and has skills to create works that may be judged to have an appealing or to put it a better description – an aesthetic value. Most critics define an artist as someone who produces art within a recognizable discipline

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I have been interested in the field of Arts during my college days in San Beda. I enrolled in a Humanities class (subject description: Art Appreciation). 

It has become one of my favorite subjects then because our professor allowed us to skip in class provided we can show or prove that we went to a certain “Arts Show”,  be it a musical concert, a stage play or painting/photography exhibit. We only have to prepare a reaction paper and attach the “ticket” from the show.

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During that time, my big brother works in a company where he got the privilege of getting complimentary tickets at the Cultural Center of the Philippines

Throughout those years, we were able to watch several ballet shows, stage plays and even opera music. Imagine the joy of watching these shows for free.

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Since then, I have always been on the lookout for any Arts events which I find interesting. I always check the website of Ticketworld Manila to keep me updated.