On Traveling Solo and Finding The Right Words To Say

I have read countless pieces of writing about how exciting and fun it is to travel alone. Others who already did it even said it was empowering. Apparently, more and more people went with the flow. On social media, traveling solo has gained popularity or to put in a more updated word - it is trending.

I myself have been doing it for the past couple of years now. I did several backpacking trips to different places in and out of the country. Despite the fact that I met a lot of fellow solo backpackers and exchange awesome stories with them, I can still say that Solo traveling may not be for everyone.


I dare say it is not for everybody particularly those who were born introverts. It ain't for the shy type of person. If you plan to try it, you should be vocal and know how to express yourself.

I remember when I went to Phnom Pehn in Cambodia some years back. There was this Japanese girl I met who cried hard because she got lost and had a difficult time going back to the hostel where she was staying. She was too shy to ask for directions from the locals and not even confident enough to talk to other tourists because her English vocabulary was very limited.

On the contrary, I also experienced the same thing when I went to Mueang Boran (Ancient Siam) located at Samutparkan Province in Thailand. I got lost but the funny thing was, I enjoyed it because I was able to see different unique shops along the corners and discovered interesting  spots which were not featured in any travel shows or magazines. What's more, I found joy in talking and asking the locals for directions. 
I don't speak their language and they don't understand English. It was awfully hilarious because despite the language barrier, we communicated using body language and hand gestures. We were laughing out real loud while having that kind of conversation. I found my way back to the hostel.

Traveling alone is thrilling but you need to be fearless and must be geared up to face any problems that might arise. Good communication skills play a vital role in any journeying stage.

if you finally decide to take the plunge, ask yourself if you can strike a conversation with a total stranger. Can you start a simple chitchat? Can you do the initiative of introducing yourself to unfamiliar people?

If not, ask yourself this time by knowing if you can endure the idea of eating alone. How about going to a bar and drinking all by yourself? Can you dance without a partner at a local club? If not, then just be satisfied on staying in one space and place. 
Traveling solo is not for you.


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