Friday, July 31, 2015

Piaget's "I Come In Peace"

I love going to art exhibits.
When I learned about Piaget Martelino’s  “I COME IN PEACE” Art Exhibit, my curiosity arose. I liked the title. It reminded me of an alien movie I watched before.

Honestly, I was not familiar with the artist/painter. I just googled his name and  I learned that Piaget was born in the era of Post War and Philippine Martial Law. He was a finalist in the 2nd Art Association of the Philippines-Exhibition Center for Contemporary Art Abstract Painting Competition. 

All the information I got was enough reason why I should really show up at the exhibit.

I almost didn’t make it because the weather was so bad at that time. However, I really wanted to see his works so I went there. 
I came early. The invite stated the show will be on 22nd of July and will start at 6pm and will be held at A Space Manila, located at 110 Legazpi St. across Greenbelt 5 in Makati. However, it didn’t open on time. I blamed it on the weather.  "I Come in Peace" exhibit opened an hour and few minutes after 6pm. 

I Come in Peace was a collection of masterpieces of acrylic on canvass. Noticeably were 2paintings of naked women with elephant’s head. Back in my school days, I knew that the principle qualities of the elephant are wisdom and effortlessness. The enormous head of the elephant signifies Wisdom and Knowledge. I wanted to personally ask him about those 2 particular paintings but didn’t get the chance. 

Moreover, there was also an elusive art form he created using assembled wood with black light painting which was very noticeable. It was a masterpiece so moving and intriguing at the same time.

After seeing and admiring the artworks, and after drinking some booze, I headed some place else. I wanted to stay longer but seeing that Piaget was so busy talking to his friends, and knowing that I only got a slim chance of having a chitchat with him, I just left. There were so many things I wanted to ask and learn from him but, I chose to leave. It was a bad decision because the night capped off with a live ART BATTLE. I missed that.

Anyway, here are a few photos I took. Let me just share with you the artist’s works.

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