Shamrock Cafe' is a SHAM

The Beijing trip was fun though a bit tiring because it involved a lot of walking. Nevertheless, it was a trip I will always remember because it has been a long while since I last bonded with my big bro. 

The last thing my Kuya Gary and I did in Beijing was to have brunch at the Beijing International Airport. My big bro’s flight back to Hongkong was scheduled at around 11am. 

Mine was at nighttime however, I no longer want to explore more of Beijing because the weather went terribly bad. I just decided to join him at the airport while I planned to just kill time by reading ebook or simply blogging or surfing the net.

We arrived at the airport early. It was around 9am and we looked for a best place to eat. We found Shamrock Cafe’ very appealing. The ambiance was good, the food  looks yummy on the menu. 

We place our order and waited. We waited for couple of minutes. And waited for more. It had a very slow service and my big bro’s patience worn thin. 

We only ordered for bacon, eggs, sausages with slice bread. How in the world it took years to get cooked?

Kuya Gary knows a little Chinese words, and was also good at hand gesture. He talked to the cashier lady at the restaurant and complained. He almost blew his top. It was a bad way to end our trip.

SARCASTIC SMILE. After 10 years, it Has finally served.
I will never recommend this restaurant. We should have eaten at  any of the food kiosk at the Airport Food Court instead of this posh looking resto with crazy-lazy staff.


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