Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tea House in Hutong

The very first tea tasting I ever had was at Hutong in Beijing. it was at Ju Ming Xuan Tea House.

I already blogged about Hutong which was more like a step back in the history of China. It was the traditional way of living in the ancient China.

One attraction I enjoyed the most was the tea tasting/tea making at the tea house. I never thought that tea preparation could be very elaborate. 

My very own eyes definitely enjoyed when the tea lady demonstrated how to prepare genuine jasmine tea

She gently placed the small jasmine flower petal (which was tightly closed) on the tea cup with boiling water. Eventually, the petal opened/transformed into a lovely jasmine flower. The tea tasted so good, so fresh and smelled lovely.

The Hutong local/tea lady was an expert in the tea method. I liked how she handled  the apparatus that she used to serve tea.  

Nonetheless, what I really appreciated the most was the passion she had about tea. 

It was fascinating to know that she never gets tired doing the  “tea demo" with every tourist/traveler who visits her shop,  

The tea was so good and had a relaxing effect. 

My big bro purchased a bag of tea. It was big enough to share with me. 

the cute little chinese boy at the tea house.

I strongly recommend this tea tasting to any person visiting Hutong in Beijing. This is the authentic way of experiencing the true taste of tea.

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