Tea Tasting in Beijing

Another part of the Beijing Day Tour itinerary was a visit to a tea house. We visited Dr. Tea for tea tasting.
I enjoyed this activity because we were able to try out different tea flavors.

I just like the expert way of how the tea hostess makes, prepares and pours the teas. Furthermore, she also speaks good English. 

Some information I learned during tea tasting:

  • Jasmine Tea is good in improving eyesight plus it can shake off drowsiness and relieve headache.
  • Gin-seng Oolong Tea  helps to restore energy and protects liver and kidney
  • Golden Green Tea is also known as a Slimming Tea and can help regulate blood pressure, lose weight and lower the cholesterol level
  • White Tea can cure colds, coughs and sore throats
  • Litchi Tea or black tea  is good for digestion. 

Because of these good to know information, my big bro Gary and Islam both bought and brought home some teas.

Aside from the famous teas, Dr. Tea house also sells diverse styles of tea cups and pots. My big bro brought a tea cup with a dragon design which changes to a picture of The Great Wall when hot water is poured in.