The Birthday Boy In Beijing

The main reason why I went to Beijing was to be with Gary (my big bro) for his birthday celebration (December 10). We planned this trip so many times and only after a year that it had materialized. We spent his big day by seeing Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City. It was a very tiring day so we decided to end it at a nice cozy café’ where we can sip some good old coffee. 

We chose Oasis Café. We’ve been there on our first day in Beijing. It was just a few stones away from the hotel where we stayed. It actually had a welcome Western feel.

Since it was his birthday, we ordered pasta, pizza, coffee and of course, a slice of cake, more like,... his birthday cake. 

Before we start eating, I gave my big bro a birthday gift which was no longer a surprise because he had been asking me to buy it for him for about a month. I gave him Anne Rice’s Prince Lestat. He loved  the gift. I on the other hand, loved and enjoyed the food which he paid for and I was very satisfied with the taste. 

The good thing about this café’ aside from the good food were its ambiance and the friendly staff. The owner spoke good english and was very welcoming. One more thing, they have good wi-fi connection.

I highly recommend this coffee shop.

NOTE: Oasis Café’ is located near The Forbidden City. 
Exit on north gate turn right, cross the road for a short 5-minute walk, 
right outside the large junction.


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