Friday, July 3, 2015

The Most Valuable Gemstone Called Jade

The most prized gemstones around the world are called Jade. The Beijing day tour itinerary that we had included a visit to a Jade Carving Factory called Run-Ze Jade Garden

We were told that the most dazzling jade pieces are found at The Jade Factory located in Beijing

Tourists who wish to buy a precious jade should come and visit Run Ze Jade Garden Prices were a bit expensive though. I mean, the prices were actually high.

We didn’t buy any single piece of jade. We don’t wanna spend much money on that.  We just entertained ourselves by admiring the pieces shown in the exposition.

My big bro and I saw with our naked eyes how those jade pieces are being made.  We witnessed and learned the intricate and complex processes in creating those glorious jade objects.

They were carved by the most outstanding sculptors in the factory. 

We were delighted by merely seeing the sculptors carving into the jade and transforming the raw gemstone into a wonderful piece of art. 

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