Friday, July 10, 2015

The Forbidden City no more

The Forbidden City was the Chinese Imperial Palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. It is located in the center of Beijing, China and now houses the Palace Museum.


The Forbidden City is:

  • the best-preserved imperial palace in China,
  • the largest ancient palatial structure in the world, and
  • the essence and culmination of traditional Chinese architectural accomplishment.

Forbidden City is truly a remarkable museum, with attractive surroundings and structures. 

I was there during wintertime and was considered as an off season however, it was surprisingly still crowded even then. The moment my big bro and I stepped on the grounds of Forbidden City, I was like enchanted. We haven’t even bought our tickets and I immediately started taking photos. That action alone got me in trouble. Because after only a few shots, I lost sight of my big bro. Since it was too crowded I had a very hard time seeing him. My mobile phone unfortunately wasn't adept of “roaming” capacity. We only found each other after about an hour. I learned that when my big bro can’t seem to see me at all, he just proceeded to the ticket booth and bought our passes. We found each other near the main entrance. I was just standing there, hoping and praying that he shows up. He did with an angry face. By merely looking at his face, I can say he was totally mad.  It wasn’t actually the first time it happened. The same thing occurred long time ago in a different place. I just smiled at him and said sorry. LOL.

Forbidden City is indeed fantastic. I understood the reason why a lot of tourist flock in this place. It is truly an incredible place and so big, actually far bigger than I had imagined. The walk from the entrance to the exit was relatively a challenge.

There were so many movies I watched which were practically shot in this place. Both drama and action films with this particular setting. Indeed, the location added value to those movies. I was too overwhelmed when I got my photo taken while standing, sitting and even lying in the middle of The Forbidden City. While there, I can't wait to get back home and watch same movies again and then I'll say . . "I've been there".!

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