The Traditional Chinese Foot Massage Experience

Climbing the Great Wall was sure to be a very grueling and fatiguing thing to do. I admit that after more than 2 hours of walking and climbing up the wall, all I wanted to do was get back to the hotel and take some snooze, probably sleep for very long hours. Good thing, part of the Beijing day tour itinerary included a Chinese foot massage. 

The tour guide brought us to Traditional Chinese Medicines Museum of Beijing. Before the foot massage session, there was a pep talk about the therapeutic techniques of the customary Chinese foot massage

The traditional chinese foot massage with acupressure was stated as best in improving general health and energy. Having said that, they eventually educated us about the importance of Chinese herbal medicine. I enjoyed a great 10 minute foot massage however, right after that, I was introduced to a doctor/professor who then examined my health status. 

He took my pulse, examined my tongue and eyes and gave me a diagnosis that if I wanted to live a healthy life, I needed some herbal medication. The doctor made it appear that something bad will happen to my health so I better not take any chances. He clearly and persistently said that the key to a healthier life is by taking the traditional Chinese medical herbs they’re selling. And the medicine was only available at that location. He was relatively determined in selling the herbal medicine. 

My big bro was also treated that way. It appeared to be quite a sham. We didn’t buy any herbs so we got treated rather rudely.

 It was an attempt to rip us off. 
They were very upset when we did not buy.