Turning Chinese @Lunchtime

Climbing up The Great Wall wasn't easy. I got so exhausted and once done with it,the next thing I wanted to do was to eat right away. So, the next destination of our Beijing day tour was to the best place in the city- the Chinese Restaurant. 

We went to The Great Wall Restaurant. When we got to that eating place and found our reserved dining table, we carefully examined the menu and placed our order. 

I forgot what we ordered. I mean,I don't know what it's called, all I know was they were so yummy. I can't get enough of them. The taste and the smell of that Chinese food were amazing. I also know that it’s so easy to cook and prepare. We only waited for a few minutes next thing I know, it was immediately served hot on our table.

I absolutely loved the yummy taste and goodness of Chinese food. 

Moreover, its nutritional value delights me.

I ate like I haven't eaten for years.