Why I Rolled Up My Sleeves

“Blood is the most precious gift that anyone 
can give to another person — the gift of life.
 A decision to donate your blood can save a life”  

We all live in uncertainties. We could not tell if we will all be free from danger. Accidents happen in an unexpected place and time. All of us, our family, friends and other people are always in danger.  

There may be a time that we or someone we know will need blood. I was once a First Aid Instructor at the Philippine National Red Cross Laguna Chapter, and was connected to the Safety Services department. That was when I learned that the demand for blood is constant unfortunately the supply is not. AND there is no substitute for blood. Red Cross continuously reaches out to the public and promotes the importance of donating blood.  I witnessed a lot of families crying out for help, in need of blood, hysterically and literally crying and begging for some bag of blood hoping to save and prolong the lives of their loved ones.

Red Cross taught me how to roll up my sleeves and save lives. Donating blood is a sure safe thing to do. It is convenient and furthermore, it was just so easy. I became a regular blood donor and was even granted a  "Blood Galloner Award". It was one of the best awards I was so proud of.


Capital One, the company where I work for and the people behind “Investing For Good” promoted Blood Donation activity (July 13-15) I was proud to say that a good number of volunteers signed up. Many employees gave full support to the project and were well aware of the importance and good intentions of this mission. 

It is always good to be part of a life-sustaining and life-saving activity.  I took the opportunity to once more roll up my sleeves and make a difference and help save lives. For after all, it is better to give than to receive. Need I say more?