Click. Here, There and Everywhere

"It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument"

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry should have at least one creative outlet. No one can say that he/she is not creative.  Let’s ask ourselves what interest us the most and what gives us joy. Then let’s think about the things that we do when we are bored. We only need to discover what inspire us to do something.

Photography for me is a creative outlet. I have even shared this outlet to the people around me. Funny thing was they first didn’t agree with me when I said that photography is an easy thing to do. Others say that they are not creative enough and afraid that they can’t produce good results. 

I always have a ready advice that goes like --- “Anybody can see or peep through the hole and push the button on a camera, and point it at anything they think looks great.”   And it makes sense, right? How easy that could be?
I believe I have a very convincing power because a lot of my friends/colleagues now own decent cameras. They discovered the joy in taking snapshots. 
Photography itself taught me to be creative. It had given me a different way in looking at the world around us. With it, I was able to capture an adventure. With all the travel destinations I’ve been to, I got to somehow able to share my loved ones the escapade I experienced. 
The possibilities are endless. All the photos have stories behind them and they always manage to put a smile on my face. Every time I look at them, I was always being brought back to the moment that I experienced and I could exactly remember what I felt during those adventures. 


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