Coco Hut Chicken

Ask any kids about their favorite food. The common answer they will give you is fried chicken. They love it so much. All fast food chains have fried chicken as part of their menu. Now, I am one of those kids who never outgrew my love for fried chicken.

Anyone who runs at the Filinvest City loop area will notice this beach shack-themed restaurant located in Commerce Center Alabang. It is called COCO HUT

One time, after I was done running, I chose that spot to be my finish line. 

I learned that they have different price for each part of chicken. I ordered for the breast part hut fried chicken with one cup of rice. I waited for approximately 10 minutes. When the freshly cooked chicken was placed on my table, I noticed that the serving size was not bad. It was big enough for me.  

I loved its crispiness and its juicy crunchy flavor.  It tasted so good. You can forget about gravy and still enjoy its taste. I gulped down the chicken with refreshing tamarind iced tea. 

I absolutely enjoyed Coco Hut so I shared my experience with my officemates. I brought them there and they all agreed that the chicken there was to die for.

We also ordered for different side dishes. 


macaroni salad.

onion rings

dirty yogurt.

ginataang laing.

Filinvest City
Ground Floor, 
The Commerce Center, 
1780 Commerce Corner Filinvest Avenue, 
Filinvest City,
Muntinlupa City


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