Creative Mornings...Finally!

My work can be very tiring and  monotonous at the same time.  It has a tendency to be boring and wearisome . It’s very important for me  to continue learning something new about the world around  me. I want to continue living an interesting life.  A rolling stone kind of life with a lot of perks.

last Friday,  July 31st, I got off from work at exactly 6:30 in the morning. After logging out of my PC, I rushed going to Makati  to attend the famous breakfast lecture called Creative Mornings. It was held at  A Space Manila in Legazpi Street, Makati City.


Just a bit of a background. Creative Mornings started back in year  2008. Big thanks to the famous blogger from New York Tina Roth Eisenberg with a blogger name Swiss Miss. Back then, she thought of coming up with an event that will bring together all the imaginative people from the city with artistic inclinations.  It gained popularity among people who wanted to inspire others to discover the creativeness which was already inherent in each  and everyone. That alone gave birth to a creative community. Different cities around the world already enjoy this kind of event. 

The concept is so straightforward.  A certain topic of  interest will be discussed  over a cup of  coffee, plus a power breakfast, every last Friday of each month.  Everything is for free. 

I missed the very first  Creative Mornings lecture last June.  The theme was  “Revolution”  and the guest speaker was no other than the very  famous  Carlos Celdran.

Nevertheless, I made it last time and the theme that Friday morning was Collaboration and the guest speaker was Leeroy New .  

Leeroy New  (Google image)

Leeroy New is a young designer. A contemporary Filipino fine artist whose works overlap with theater, film, fashion, and visual arts. He is a Visual Arts graduate of the Philippine High School for the Arts and University of the Philippines Fine Arts

Google Image

Leeroy New is known as one of the designers alongside Kermit Tesoro (a Filipino independent fashion designer,costume and shoe designer,artist and a writer.) for the "muscle dress", a dress worn by Lady Gaga in her music video, Marry The Night. The  "Muscle Dress" was  used for the promotion of  Lady Gaga’s "Born This Way"

Leeroy New's works have been exhibited in the Singapore Biennale back in 2008, as well as the Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale in 2009.

Leeroy New is known for making TV show props and costumes. Many of his works are inspired by mythology, film, video games, and other artists.  

Google Image
Google Image

The kind of work that Leeroy New is exposed to, is a complete example of Collaboration.  He works with others  to do a  certain project and  to accomplish shared purpose. All his famous art pieces were done by working hand in hand with other artists. Together, they  worked and shared goals and the outcomes were  masterpieces. Leeroy Newworked collaboratively with a dream team which led them to  attain rewards and recognitions.

To date, Leeroy New is engaged in doing public art through Aliens of Manila where models are made to look like extraterrestrials on the streets of Manila.