Drink. Pee. Repeat.

“The Pinoy's weakness is beer, 
and his next weakness is the next beer" 

People drink beer or liquor for different reasons. A lot of explanation and excuses come up when someone is asked for the reason why they drink such. 

They may say about certain occasions to celebrate, just received a payout from work or no work the day after. 

Others say that they had a bad day or they have problems they need to forget.

Whenever I drink, I make sure that I only have a little cut over my head.  I never want to be totally intoxicated or high. 

I drink because I believe that this activity is great in relieving stress. I go out with some friends to party and drink.

Whenever I do backpacking trips, I always look forward to drinking session with new acquaintances I meet along the way. 

I could say that it's not the alcohol  which brings good time in the group. It is each other's company which brings fun! 

 That the reason why we always raise our bottles and say "cheers!"

Let's Drink to That!


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