Earthquake Drill: Drop, Cover and Hold

I was so aware of the Metro Manila Shakedrill. 

July 30, Thursday, from 10:30am to 11:30am were the exact date, day and time it happened.

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MMDA initiated this metro-wide earthquake drill.  It was their way of promoting a culture of preparedness among people of Metro Manila in the event of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake due to the movement of the West Valley Fault.

The good thing about it was everyone were encouraged to join in the drill. It actually didn’t matter where they were. They could be at work, at home or in school, or even on the road. The point was that everyone will be affected. The idea of the Shakedrill is to simulate the earthquake on a normal day, where people will be where they normally are. 

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At exactly 10:30 am I heard alarming earthquake alert sound, which signaled the start of the drill. I was at my pad at that time. I of course, did the actual thing that I was supposed to do. I dropped, got myself covered under a table, and held my position for 45 seconds. Well, I didn’t evacuate from my pad. But I know exactly where our nearest barangay evacuation center is located. I ALSO GOT THE VERY IMPORTANT WHISTLE ON HAND.

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It helps to know what to do when that actual thing will happen. But let’s pray it will never happen.