Fish-tastic Experience

I went to Iloilo year 2011. I had a 1 week vacation and because of too much walking I did, my feet complained. On going back to Manila, one needs to go to SM Iloilo to get to the airport because it is where the shuttle terminal is. I went inside the mall and decided to eat first. I was given a flier on my way to the food court. It was an advertisement about Tibiao Fish Spa, more like a “fish pedicure.”  It promised a relaxing foot spa with all the fish doing the works. It got my attention. The unique way of having a foot massage.It was exactly what I needed. I went straight to its site after I was done eating. 


Nevertheless, the thought of flesh eating fish scares me.  Maybe it was because of the piranha movie I watched when I was a kiddo. LOL. Seriously, I was undecided because I might not control myself from laughing when the fish starts nibbling or tickling me. I was only convinced after I was told that a real foot massage will be done when the fish nibbling activity ends. 


I availed of the VIP service where I sat comfortably on soft leather sofa in a private curtained area. I didn’t want to share my pool with others. I wanted my fish to concentrate on my feet alone. I soaked my feet in the pool. I watched the fish nibble the dead layer of my skin. The tickling sensation was tolerable. It only took a short while and I got used to the nibbling attack of the fish. My feet went from one pool to another. As I transfer my feet to each pool, the bigger fish it gets. 


I soon felt the relaxing effect of the fish therapy. I was informed that the fish spa has health benefits. It stimulates acupuncture points on the feet and in so doing, it helps improve blood circulation. Good blood circulation means overall physical wellness.