On Bringing Out the Child In Me

The main reason why I went to Hongkong was to see HK Disneyland. It was my ultimate dream when I was still a kid. 

I have been a big fan of Disney movies. I couldn’t remember the number of Disney films I’ve watched when I was a kid. I even watch some even when I became an adult. 

The excitement actually started prior to getting to the exact Disneyland place. My big brother Gary led the way in going there because he has been there before.  We took the Tung Chung line and got off from Sunny Bay station and waited for the train. My big bro said that I will be surprised once the train approaches. He was right. The Mickey Mouse train showed up. The train had Mickey windows and Mickey handrail.It even had Mickey Mouse character figurines on display. It added thrill and anticipation. The Mickey Mouse train really set the full Disney atmosphere. 

I was not disappointed. Disney literally brought out the child once more in us. I saw that familiar Mickey Mouse shape everywhere. It was like Mickey Mouse followed me all over the place.

My big bro and I spent around six to seven hours walking around. I myself could say that I enjoyed every minute of it.
My Disneyland experience was a dream came true. It was more fulfilling having pictures taken with Mickey and seeing him in flesh. 

I also met other Disney characters who brought back the child in me.

Nevertheless, there were 2 attractions that I enjoyed the most: Disney Parade and the Disney in the Stars Fireworks. These 2 events alone were worth the admission fee.

I had an awesome time. My imagination ran free. HK Disneyland park, was truly a magical world.