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July was a very special month dedicated to women. As part of the celebration, the company where I am connected with had lined up series of events to highlight the importance of womanhood. One of the activities I participated in was the photo competition dubbed as "Defining A Woman" sponsored by the Women's Network and the Photography Club

I had second thoughts in joining since I don't have my DSLR(Nikon D3000) with me anymore. It was broken and I left it in the US of A when I went there last year. I only got my GoPro, IPhone and my Canon point & shoot cameras. Besides, I only had very limited time to do photoshoot. However, when I learned that a big prize money will begiven away, I decided to participate.

I got the chance to go to Baywalk along Manila Bay and did random shots of young and old women present there. I even waited for the sunset thinking that it will help give special effects to the photos. I went home and was dissatisfied with my snapshots.

I thought of not joining at all because I only got 1 day left at that time before the deadline. Sadly, the photos I took recently were not potential winners.

I then browsed my JAPOLogy fan page and came across the album "Briley" I created and posted 4 years back. It was my officemate/friend whom I did photoshoot with 5 months after giving birth to her first born daughter. The photo moved me. I decided it was the best I've got and I immediately had it printed. It reached the deadline. My photo was the 16th entry. I called my entry:

The Unconditional Love
"The essence of a woman is to love
and be loved and to express love
by loving life"

All the submitted photo entries were exhibited at the office's lobby for about 2 weeks. At the end of the month, 3 winners were chosen.

I got the second best place and I was awarded with 3k worth of Sodexho gift certificate.


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