Let Me Take You There

I am into travel and photography so expect that I constantly upload photos and even videos on social media. I travel solo but it doesn't mean that I cannot be reached at all. I am the kind of person who love documenting every single thing that happens on  my entire trip. I make sure that I use the FB features particularly its "check in" apps, so I can state every places, restaurant or functions venue I'm in. If I ever have some stalkers, it will be easy for them to track me.

I also enjoy writing so, I take note note of every details of my itinerary and blog about the experiences I had. But, I need the luxury of time in writing and most probably, the blog comes in a little late.

It is my way of sharing to people who are interested on my whereabouts. So far, I have influenced a few of my friends and colleagues. They were also bitten by the travel bug. Years back,  my way of sharing my travel adventures was by buying and giving souvenirs for everyone back home. However, the only items I could afford were key chains and refrigerator magnets. I stopped buying souvenirs and only bring them stories and share the digital photos I took.

Because of the experiences I had, I was able to provide suggestions to people close to me who made travel plans. Fortunately, all the travel destinations they chose where those places I already been to. I gave suggestions on where to stay, what to do and where and what to eat. They actually followed my itinerary. Funny thing was, some of them have taken their selfie photos on the exact location I had mine... with the same pose and smile. LOL.