Look Who's Talking

Accent neutralization: the first thing an aspiring call center agent must acquire in order to get the job. It aint easy. I have been a Call Center Agent for couple of years now. Every time I take calls I make sure I use that "accent" otherwise, the American callers will complain. 

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There was a time when I was caught off guard. It was around 3 in the morning, it was my nth caller. I was exhausted, stressed, burned out and was so sleepy! In the middle of the call, the customer shouted, complained, demanded to speak to an American agent or to my supervisor.

An obvious racist. He didn't wanna talk to me. He didn't like my accent. Just as I was about to transfer the call I thought of a very bright idea. I put him on hold.

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I composed myself, sipped my ever reliable black coffee. After a minute I went back to the caller and apologized for the long wait. The person I was talking to was so glad I took the call. The issue was addressed and resolved. 

Before the call ends, the customer thanked me for taking the call and said... "only Americans can understand one another".

CLUELESS. He didnt even know that only one person handled the call...and not an American.. but a true blooded Filipino..WOooo...HOooo!!