Morning Runs

Running is the only sports that I consider so easy to do. It can be done indoor or outdoor. The only important thing needed is a good pair of running shoes. As for me, I added a little boost. I bring along my ipod with my favorite playlist to keep me going for hours.

I read somewhere that running is the best calorie burner.  I quote that for a 160-lb person, running can burn more than 850 calories an hour. And I’d like to believe that’s true.  

I used to join fun runs almost every week. But due to change of work schedule and health reason, I somehow slowed down. There were actually some months when I only run like once or twice. It had bad results. I started gaining weight and I began to feel that I wasn’t really in good physical shape at all. 

I remember the time when I used to run a lot. It was so easy for me to catch some ZZZzz’s. I used to have quality sleep during those times. 

I am back on track now. My new work schedule allows me to run especially on Sundays. I am a Southerner  and near my place is the Filinvest City where  “Carless Sunday” is being implemented to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle. The road is closed from 5 am- 10am. People go there to play badminton, attend zumba class, do bicycling and of course to enjoy running.