SOLO TRAVELING: How I Learned To Go On MY Own

Traveling  is such an exciting activity. I love taking a trip and discovering unusual places. Summer time during my younger years meant family outings and outdoor activities.

I also enjoyed “educationalfield trip” and “Boy Scout Camping” during my middle school days. For long years of my existence, I traveled with family/relatives, friends and classmates/officemates.

I  was bitten by a travel bug. Now that I’m all grown up, I created a bucket list of destinations I want to go to. There were several items I already ticked off from the list. Still, there are more attention-grabbing places that I want to visit. The list goes on and on.

Nonetheless, there was a time when my friends and officemates planned a "gimmick" . I was tempted to suggest an out of town trip. However, majority of them suggested going to a mall and watch a movie, go shopping and eat at a posh restaurant. I just shut my mouth up.

There was a time when I planned on a beach escapade and some of my colleagues got interested. Everything was set up. The excitement was on fire. For about a month, I patiently waited only to find out in the end that others can’t make it. There were excuses like: they need more time to save up, or something came up from a work related issues and other personal matters. I waited for nothing. They asked me to re-schedule the date for another couple of weeks. I just said “forget it”. At that moment I  told myself  “It’s now or never”. 

That’s when I started traveling solo.

To date, I have gone to 32 different provinces in the Philippines, visited 8 other countries in Asia and enjoyed  12 cities and 5 states in the United States of America.