The Beacon Interview

There's this newsletter in our office called "The Beacon". It is an online reading material which is being cascaded bi-monthly. It has a segment entitled Sense and Conversations. This month, they will feature the winners in recently concluded "Defining a Woman Photo Contest". Christian Rosario, one of the Beaconators and also the man behind that S&C segment, believes it is important to highlight or introduce those lucky photographers who won. Thus, he came up with an interview report of all the winners. 
Given that I joined in the photo contest and won second place plus, I am one of the writers of The Beacon newsletter, Christian had these questions spotted on me.

1. You are known for capturing your outdoor adventures. What inspires you to take high concept like that?

        I am a travel enthusiast. I stop and stare at the striking view around me while I’m outdoor.  It makes me slow down and allows me to appreciate nature.  I know that by taking snapshots,  I could freeze nature in one picture, as a result , I  can record my own memories and share them  with those not lucky enough to see what I’m seeing.

2. How do you describe your style in photography?
        I don’t want to advocate the idea of building myself as a brand.  My style in photography just reflects my view and how I want others to see it the way I did. As they say, photography is about the person behind the camera and the way how that person interprets the world.
        I believe it is best to capture pure and real moments as they were happening.  I don’t rely on a specific type of lighting or color scheme. After taking some shots I only do simple editing and enhancements so I can come up with the best picture possible.

        Nevertheless, I call my photos as JAPOLogy. 


3. What is your favorite type of photography?
        Landscape Photography.

4.  What is the role of women in your life?
        Source of strength and inspiration.


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