Twerking like Spidey

I hit the gym. I run, lift weights and sweat a lot. I believe that in doing it I can take care of my body and enhance my mental, physical and even emotional life. Nevertheless, there comes a time when I get bored and think of doing something else.

I am always to open to doing other form of fitness activities. Wall climbing is one of them. I was amazed at the artificially constructed wall with grips for hands and feet used for climbing.
I find it interesting and challenging.


Wall climbing is actually a popular urban sport which provides men and women with the opportunity to try some aspects of the sport of rock climbing. It has grips which come in different colors to denote a route. There are also colored tape placed under those climbing holds. They are used to mark different climbing routes. It is sort of performing rock climbing on artificial structures. It is an attempt to mimic the experience of outdoor rock climbing but in a more controlled environment thus, making it safer.

I tried it. I did several attempts to reach the top. I didn't stop climbing.  I sweat a lot and even got my shirt  soaking wet. The whole time I was doing it, I was fully concentrated. I didn't mind having aching hands. I felt my legs started to to tremble. I was focused on my goal to reach the top. It was not easy however, with full determination I did it. I managed to reach the top. I was able climb the wall.

Now I know how it feels to be a Spiderman for a day.