Who's On the Line?

I predominantly handle calls initiated by the customers, be it inquiries or complaints. Our company deals with credit cards and I belong to fraud & security department. I am so used to irate callers. Jumble the letters in each words..( FKCUUOY, SSOLHAE, BLLUTHIS) these are what i usually hear when taking calls. 

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Our customers get mad when they are having a hard time using their card. Our utmost priority is to protect our customers' account. It's always better safe than sorry. There are so many cases in the US when a card gets compromised. When these things happen, we deliberately place a block on the account and contact our cardmembers and ask if they use their cards in a certain merchant. When they say yes, we remove the block right away. As easy as that. Some Americans thank us. HOWEVER,others hate the idea of putting a block. Whenever they call and ask why they can't use their cards, we tell them the reason for the decline, in the best possible way we can.

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PATIENCE plays a big role here. We are always encourage to provide good customer experience. Hence, we always play it cool. 

One of the irate callers I cant forget was a Filipina living in Los Angeles CA. I actually got excited when I received the call because I knew that she's a "kababayan". Her name was so "pinoy-like" and her accent was obviously so "pinoy". Onset of call, she was already blowing her top. So shocked was I. Never did I expect such attitude from a "kababayan"

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Here's exactly what she told me ... "You Americans are so mean. you don't know the embarassment I had when I was in line at the grocery store and I can't use my card when I always pay my bill." I explained that since the transaction she did was out of her spending pattern.  She traveled out of her state and it triggered a red flag. All she needs is verify the activity and block will be removed real quick. She put me on hold and talked to her hubby.  I heard her shouting on the phone..."hon, aba, ito'ng bwiset na Amerikano na ito,  akala yata ay nanakaw ang credit card natin...hindi naman " Unfortunately, when she got back, I was surprised to hear her ask "Where are you located?" I can hear some noise on the background. Someone spoke tagalog. Are you in the Philippines? I admitted and she realized she was not talking to an American agent. I kind of fooled her with the way I talked. Probably the accent I learned from the training.   When she learned it, the more "MURA" i got but this time around it's with "LAMBING" - "luko-luko ka.. akala ko Amerikano ka... naloko mo ako..." then she giggled. She apologized. and asked about our weather. I felt the warmth on her voice, the longing to talk to another "Pinoy". She requested me to speak our native language, much as I wanted , I did not comply to her request because I might be losing my job if I do it. I just ended the call with my closing spiel ... thank you for calling ______ we appreciate your call and your business.. "MABUHAY KA..!