Wednesday, September 30, 2015

On Staying Awake

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My work can really be so toxic. The moment I logged in...queueing starts. It can really bring sore to my throat. That's why  I always have coffee beside me. With coffee close to my reach,I can sip it when my throat gets dry and itchy. When large volume of calls come pouring in, I always wish the clock will start moving fast so I could already take my break, relax and sip more coffee, then pee. There was a time when I hoped there would be system breakdown so I can just advise the customers to call in after 30 minutes.

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One time, I really felt so exhausted. Lunch break was heaven to me! One hour of not taking calls. I went to Adobo Connection restaurant just a few steps away from my office. I didn't talk to anyone and wanted my voice to rest for a while. I even just pointed my meal order.

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After my one hour lunch break, I went back to work on the floor. I secretly wish for the customers to stop calling that day. Whoever said "be careful what you wish,they can come true" was right. The following 4 hours that day was idle. In an hour, i only received 5 calls. I was supposed to feel good. Well, it turned out i got I bored. I even felt so sleepy. you know the feeling of wanting to sleep so bad and you can't because you simply can't and wont be allowed? Well, i cant cry over spilled coffee hhmm, milk?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Bonfire

"I saw the sky and sea and sand and the flickering flames of the bonfire through my tears. All at once, it rushed into my head with tremendous speed, and made me feel dizzy. It was beautiful. Everything that happened was shockingly beautiful, 
enough to make you crazy."

"Absence diminishes small loves and increases great ones, as the wind blows out the candle and blow up the bonfire."

“The flames of the luau bonfire burned brightly. Sparks flew into the sky and disappeared before they reached the stars above. Near the horizon, the moon was large 
and round and flawless as porcelain.” 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

HK: Ocean Park Adventure

My big bro and I were actually not a theme park fan. But since when in Hongkong, it’s a must to see the famous Ocean Park so we still took time out to visit the place. We hopped off a bus to give it a look.

Prior to having Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park Hong Kong was one theme park which were enjoyed  by tourists around the globe. It was even considered as one of the world’s best theme parks which offer not just pure entertainment,  moreover promotes  education in a fun manner.

As soon as we got  the ticket, we got a copy of the park map, the guide for all the attractions and  details about show schedule and the location for any important spots along the theme park area.

There were lots of exhilarating rides like: The Abyss, Turbo Drop, The Dragon, The Eagle , Flying Swing,  Space Wheel etc. but we didn’t ride any. Yes, we 2 are boring people that time and just satisfied by merely seeing the rides and laughing at the people who were screaming and scared to death while on the rides.

Boring as we are, we just opted to watching shows at the Ocean Theater. I found joy in watching Dolphins and Sea Lion perform tricks. We also admired the big aquariums. 


I liked the idea of a close encounter with different marine creatures. My favorite is NEMO the clown fish and the sea horse. 


The  tunnel-like passageway also was very impressive . It allowed us to carefully witness the swimming sharks and sting rays up close like within our reach.

We also enjoyed the bird sanctuary. 


I think Ocean park pretty much for the kids,  really  a great day out for the family.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

On Call Avoidance

Once a Call Center Agent hits the floor, "readiness to take the call" should be the mood.No ifs, no buts.

There are mortal sins that CCA needs to avoid.
First: no sleeping during calls.If caught, that would be automatic corrective action.
Second: never put the caller on hold for long minutes. It's bad customer impact.
Third: avoid more than 5 minutes idle time. It keeps away the callers..
Fourth: do not release a call

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So sure I am that they are mortal sins for CCA's. And it's because I had committed all items.Guilty beyond reasonable doubt. It happened when I was so new on the industry and still unsure of the process. My Team Leader had monitored some my calls which fell under the category of mortal sins. It was a big deal. I was given a final written warning leading to termination. The upper management had a meeting regarding my status. I knew then that it will be the end of my call center career because I have committed a mortal sin - "RELEASING A CALL". Only one thing saved me, my integrity.

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When my TL asked me if I actually did it in purpose. I admitted the wrong action right away.  I said I deliberately released the call because I was so afraid i wasn't of help to the caller. 

Our company honors honesty. There were some agents who were caught guilty of the same thing but denied the actions. I was the only one who was brave enough to take the blame. However apologetic and sincere. I was given another chance.

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It pays to be like Don Quixote..."honesty is more effective than dishonest scheming"

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Stanley market

Stanley Market is one of the well-known markets  for tourists in Hong Kong .  It is an ideal mix of the European and Chinese style. To put it in a simple manner, Stanley  Market is more like  a mini Britain with charming HK locals in it. 

Stanley Market has a spacious array of street shopping. It is the best place for souvenir hunting.  However, do not forget to bargain before purchasing.


What I like most about the area is it is near the beach.  I absolutely enjoyed walking around the beach front. 


The architectural design of the various stores and restaurants made it appear to be a totally different place.  I felt so relaxed.

Stanley beach surely didn't feel like Hong Kong at all.  I felt really good because just for a day, I was able to  get out of the hustle and bustle of the city. 


Without a doubt, it is  worth a visit