Wednesday, September 2, 2015

On Not Being Affected By Insults

I recently experienced an insult from one of my clients/callers. It was actually a transferred call from the customer care department. The customer was already blowing his top and he got more aggravated when I handled the call.

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He doesn't like the idea of talking to so many people and being transferred several times. Before I even ask how can I help, he started saying how incompetent my company is. How inefficient all the employees are. 

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I let him talk for as long as he wants. He threatened me by saying he is going to close his account and he will make sure that I will get fired from the company for not giving good customer service. He cursed, I received all the insults, I heard his screaming and shouting on top of his lungs. I embraced them all. He noticed I just kept listening and never butt in. 

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After he got tired of talking, I asked again how can I help. The issue was so easy. He requested for a replacement card and wanted it delivered to his doorstep real soon. I told him I can definitely do it. I can expedite issuing a new card for him. I gave him my name and my employee id# to let him realize that I am not lying. He then realized how stupid he was for getting mad unnecessarily. He ended the call by apologizing to me. 

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