HK: The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

My big brother promised me that he will bring me to a very interesting spot in HK where I can see lots and lots of Buddhas in just one day.  Moreover, the good thing about it was  that particular attraction is not frequented by tourists. It is called The Shatin Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery.

My brother has been there once and he said that it aint easy to get there. A usual tourist will definitely find it as a bit of a challenge for there aint any clear route markers along the way.  
Nevertheless, I took note of the maze of successfully going there. First take take the MTR heading to the Sha Tin stop on the East Rail line eventually move towards Ikea, then turn left up Pai Tau Street. Notice the very visible Sha Tin Government Offices at the end of the road and turn right. At the back of this building is the vague looking entrance surrounded by chain links fence with a sign. Then, set in motion for the journey.I composed myself for the challenge of going up to hundreds of steps. 


On my way to the top, several Buddha statues started greeting me. Anywhere I looked from my  left and right, front and back I felt like the Buddhas were following me. The statues actually gave me the creeps. They all come in different shapes, colors and sizes. It was fun taking more and more steps leading the way to the monastery complex. 


It was hilarious to see the buddhas each doing their own thing. Each had their own characteristics.Visions of short and tall,  thin, fat, sitting, standing and with other poses. 


I soon was amazed when I finally reached the  top of the trail for it revealed the main temple, the Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall and in front of the hall was a striking Chinese Pagoda bordered with gold painted Buddha statues. 


I had a pleasurable time at the monastery. It was amusing to see the sights and to observe all the diverse and eccentric features of the statues present there.