HK: Ocean Park Adventure

My big bro and I were actually not a theme park fan. But since when in Hongkong, it’s a must to see the famous Ocean Park so we still took time out to visit the place. We hopped off a bus to give it a look.

Prior to having Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park Hong Kong was one theme park which were enjoyed  by tourists around the globe. It was even considered as one of the world’s best theme parks which offer not just pure entertainment,  moreover promotes  education in a fun manner.

As soon as we got  the ticket, we got a copy of the park map, the guide for all the attractions and  details about show schedule and the location for any important spots along the theme park area.

There were lots of exhilarating rides like: The Abyss, Turbo Drop, The Dragon, The Eagle , Flying Swing,  Space Wheel etc. but we didn’t ride any. Yes, we 2 are boring people that time and just satisfied by merely seeing the rides and laughing at the people who were screaming and scared to death while on the rides.

Boring as we are, we just opted to watching shows at the Ocean Theater. I found joy in watching Dolphins and Sea Lion perform tricks. We also admired the big aquariums. 


I liked the idea of a close encounter with different marine creatures. My favorite is NEMO the clown fish and the sea horse. 


The  tunnel-like passageway also was very impressive . It allowed us to carefully witness the swimming sharks and sting rays up close like within our reach.

We also enjoyed the bird sanctuary. 


I think Ocean park pretty much for the kids,  really  a great day out for the family.