On Call Avoidance

Once a Call Center Agent hits the floor, "readiness to take the call" should be the mood.No ifs, no buts.

There are mortal sins that CCA needs to avoid.
First: no sleeping during calls.If caught, that would be automatic corrective action.
Second: never put the caller on hold for long minutes. It's bad customer impact.
Third: avoid more than 5 minutes idle time. It keeps away the callers..
Fourth: do not release a call

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So sure I am that they are mortal sins for CCA's. And it's because I had committed all items.Guilty beyond reasonable doubt. It happened when I was so new on the industry and still unsure of the process. My Team Leader had monitored some my calls which fell under the category of mortal sins. It was a big deal. I was given a final written warning leading to termination. The upper management had a meeting regarding my status. I knew then that it will be the end of my call center career because I have committed a mortal sin - "RELEASING A CALL". Only one thing saved me, my integrity.

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When my TL asked me if I actually did it in purpose. I admitted the wrong action right away.  I said I deliberately released the call because I was so afraid i wasn't of help to the caller. 

Our company honors honesty. There were some agents who were caught guilty of the same thing but denied the actions. I was the only one who was brave enough to take the blame. However apologetic and sincere. I was given another chance.

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It pays to be like Don Quixote..."honesty is more effective than dishonest scheming"