Wednesday, September 30, 2015

On Staying Awake

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My work can really be so toxic. The moment I logged in...queueing starts. It can really bring sore to my throat. That's why  I always have coffee beside me. With coffee close to my reach,I can sip it when my throat gets dry and itchy. When large volume of calls come pouring in, I always wish the clock will start moving fast so I could already take my break, relax and sip more coffee, then pee. There was a time when I hoped there would be system breakdown so I can just advise the customers to call in after 30 minutes.

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One time, I really felt so exhausted. Lunch break was heaven to me! One hour of not taking calls. I went to Adobo Connection restaurant just a few steps away from my office. I didn't talk to anyone and wanted my voice to rest for a while. I even just pointed my meal order.

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After my one hour lunch break, I went back to work on the floor. I secretly wish for the customers to stop calling that day. Whoever said "be careful what you wish,they can come true" was right. The following 4 hours that day was idle. In an hour, i only received 5 calls. I was supposed to feel good. Well, it turned out i got I bored. I even felt so sleepy. you know the feeling of wanting to sleep so bad and you can't because you simply can't and wont be allowed? Well, i cant cry over spilled coffee hhmm, milk?

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