Wednesday, September 9, 2015

On Transferring Blindly

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BLIND TRANSFER. This is what i hate the most. i had a call from a card member who never had the idea that she will be transferred to my department. She was so freaking mad. bad words came from her mouth. she actually doesn't know how to listen. I suspect that the other representative who received her call wasn't even able to explain to her the issue on her account because CM kept talking non-stop. 

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Since I'm used to this kind of call, i just let her do her thing. when she noticed i never butt in. She started asking if I could help her. I informed and advised her I can be of help only if she will listen to me, to every word that I will say. I told her, if she wants to use her card, if she wants to make transactions right away, she has to listen to me.Listen carefully.(and stop talking for Christ's sake) 

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Just one moment is what I asked for. true enough, I fixed the problem. Recently changed address. She verified the activity as legit. As simple as that! When she learned she can start using the card, she immediately hung up! 

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