On Describing Profile Of A Call Center Agent

Role Model - never been on any corrective actions.

Quick thinker - always gives valid reasons or excuses for being absent.

Careful Thinker - afraid to make a decision and be blamed if it doesn't work.

Supportive Co-worker - can get someone else to do his/her own job.

Expresses Themselves Well - speaks good english with perfect grammar and good pronunciation

Has Leadership Qualities/ Like A Boss - talks with high pitch and very talkative.

Keen Sense of Humour - keeps a collection of different kinds of jokes especially green and other colorful ones.

Career Minded - will talk behind the back of a team mate to get ahead or a promotion

Cool Agent - treats the work station like a bed or an area with comfy chair, which make it conducive to sleeping

Independent Rep- no one else knows what he/she does. 

Loyal - afraid that it will be hard to get another job if he/she resigns from work,