Stanley market

Stanley Market is one of the well-known markets  for tourists in Hong Kong .  It is an ideal mix of the European and Chinese style. To put it in a simple manner, Stanley  Market is more like  a mini Britain with charming HK locals in it. 

Stanley Market has a spacious array of street shopping. It is the best place for souvenir hunting.  However, do not forget to bargain before purchasing.


What I like most about the area is it is near the beach.  I absolutely enjoyed walking around the beach front. 


The architectural design of the various stores and restaurants made it appear to be a totally different place.  I felt so relaxed.

Stanley beach surely didn't feel like Hong Kong at all.  I felt really good because just for a day, I was able to  get out of the hustle and bustle of the city. 


Without a doubt, it is  worth a visit