On Realizing the Good Customer Service I Provide

I had a very challenging call from one of our customers. My caller hates my company. She hates the service. She hates us all the more when she can't use her credit card. 

She screamed at me! She cursed me! She didn't want to listen to me. She said she doesn't understand me. She was mad to the max...!

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After a few minutes, she got tired of shouting and started to shut up and gave me time to talk.

I found out she was just trying to use the card for cash advance at an ATM machine and was unable to get the money she wanted.
I told her the reason was because of the wrong PIN (personal identification number) she used.

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Eventually, I heard total silence on the other end. I removed the security hold on the account and informed her, the card is good to go.

THEN, she said sorry. She apologized. She said she didn't mean it when she said she hates me & my company. She admitted she was wrong.

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SO, she started saying she loves the customer experience she had with me. 
The call ended with her saying... " I love the way you assisted me and also the way you addressed my concern.. I love you sweetheart.."