On Being a Writer for When in Manila

WhenInManila.com is a social media blog with pool of writers and photographers who love being around all the corners of Manila and beyond. They primarily want to share all their wonderful experiences.

It is the site to see and read to know what's happening, what's new, what's hot and exciting.

Since I love travelling and trying out new exciting things to do, I wanted to be part of it and so I sent a letter of intent to its managing staff.

It has been over a month when I applied as one of the writers and today, December the 7th, marks my very first article which was featured on their site.

I am now officially one of the writers/contributors for When In Manila.

About Japol Orona:
The author loves travel and photography. He is someone who is incapable of staying in the same place for very long time. He is adventurous and living a wild and free life. Moreover, he has embraced working on a graveyard shift and been used to living the sleep-deprived caffeine-fueled kind of life.