Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery

"Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis" (A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery) is an 8-hour film written and directed by Lav Diaz. The movie theatre provides 20-minute breaks after every 2 hours. 

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It is a narration of Philippine revolution during 1895, one of the historical landscapes and source of our independence. The film has two stories being told alongside each other.

One story concentrates on Gregoria De Jesus (Hazel Orencio) search for the missing bodies of her husband “the Supremo”: Andres Bonifacio, and his brother Procopio. She was accompanied by 3 acquiantances, one of them is Caesaria Belarmino (Alessandra de Rossi), the woman who brought about the fall of the Katipunan. This is where the story was able to bring the fantasy part which has representations of the Tikbalang (played by Cherie Gil, Angel Aquino and Bernardo Bernardo) . Moreover, a religious cult led by Sebastian Caneo (Ronnie Lazaro) worships the fabled Bernardo Carpio. 

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The historic part involves the characters from Dr. Jose Rizal’s novels – Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. It is the story that trails the journey of Isagani (John Lloyd Cruz) and Crisostomo Ibarra (Piolo Pascual)  to an isolated zone to have the latter's gunshot wound treated. Ibarra is on the run for initiating revolution in his native motherland. In addition, Basilio (Sid Lucero) is looking for Elias’ missing treasures under the Balete tree. 

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This is one masterpiece that not only tackles the difficulties and struggles of the Filipino people during their fight for freedom from Spain, but also that of the struggles and quests of the Filipino people in finding what Filipino Freedom is today. 

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"Hele" is made for the Filipino people. It chants of lullabies bursting with Filipino sentiments and cries for our independence. Spend time to listen. Because no one else will pin their ears back, only us, the Filipinos.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The HIGH LIGHTS at the 7th Pyromusical:2016

The 7th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition is an event which a lot of people in the Manila look forward to every year.

It is an annual spectacular event which brings together the Global pyrotechnique experts where they set the night sky to bright and striking colors.

The event started last February 13 and ended on March 19, 2016. It was total of 7 consecutive Saturdays , from 7:30 to 8:30pm and the venue was from the grounds of the Seaside Boulevard in SM Mall of Asia Complex.

It was a union of artistry and technology which brought a totally visual feast. I watched the closing exhibition last March 19 when the country France competed.

It was an awesome experience seeing the sky being painted with wild and striking colors and with musical accompaniment. I am proud to say that the Platinum Fireworks from the Philippines had successfully thrilled the audience that night. Their firework display was really exceptional.

During the finale, the Philippines Pop Princess, Sarah Geronimo rendered the song “Star Life”.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Surfer Dude on MB Picture Perfect

I'm having a good breakfast at Tropical Hut and got the available morning newspaper to see the latest news.

I took my time on enjoying my favorite longsilog, brewed coffee and orange juice . . . 

My favorite sections on the MB newspaper are lifestyle, travel and picture perfect.

While carefully browsing the pages, I was glad to see my photo featured in Manila Bulletin's Picture Perfect section

It has my caption: "I was waiting for the sunset when suddenly, this surfer dude blocked my view."

Celebrating Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a worldwide movement , a wake-up call for people to help protect our planet regarding environmental issues.

Earth Hour is an annual event, however it is a campaign addressed for everybody who wants to be part in making this planet a safe place to live in.

Earth Hour only asks people to turn off the non-essential lights for one hour, not lights that affect public safety.

Earth Hour 2016 happened last Saturday, 19th March between 8.30PM and 9.30PM while I was at the Mall of Asia.

I witness how the establishment turned off their non-essential lights for one hour. Earth Hour is also a celebration of the planet so it’s important to enjoy the moment in a safe environment.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is one of the most important days in the Christian calendar after Christmas and Easter.

It is the Sunday before Easter,signifies the beginning of the last week of Lent — and the beginning of Holy Week.

After attending the Holy Mass, people gather outside the church and wait for the parish priest to begin the ceremony.

It starts by reading a verse from the bible, followed by a simple prayer and ends by blessing of the palms with holy water while people keeps waving the palms on their hands.

In essence, the parishioners join this celebration to praise Jesus and ask Him to be their savior and healer. Palm Sunday

Monday, March 14, 2016

My Favorite Sister's Birthday

I've been thinking of so many ways of how I can greet my favorite sister on her very special day.

This is what I was able to come up with.