On Being Featured on Smile Magazine

Beijing is a great place to visit because it has several remarkable monuments and well-preserved historic culture where you experience a walk in the past life of ancient people in China. You can submerge yourself so deeply in the culture when you visit the city. 

I recently got an email interview from SMILE Magazine. I was asked to share a few things I enjoyed during my trip to Beijing.

The questions were so simple. Name the top three places to visit that tourists shouldn't miss, three things people should know about the city and the best three restaurants to try.

Three places to see that visitors shouldn’t miss. 
  • The Great Wall - Majority of the travelers included climbing the Great Wall of China on their bucket list. You can avail a hero’s certificate/medal when you finished the climb.  
  • The Forbidden City – It is indisputably extravagant. It is the world's largest palace complex. It's called Forbidden City because it was closed to the outside world for 500 years. You can finally see what's inside. 
  • The Summer Palace - It is said to be the best preserved imperial garden in the world, and the largest of its kind.

Three things people should know about Beijing

  • 1. Beijing is considered to be the bicycle capital of the world because there are a lot of parking lots dedicated to bikes alone.

  • 2. Most restaurants in Beijing provide food orders in big serving (family style) and meant to be shared.

  • 3. Beijing hosted the 2008 Olympics games with an official logo “Dancing Beijing”. With 51 gold medals in tow, Chinese athletes won the maximum number of gold medals in 2008 Olympics. D. Did you know? The most common surname in Beijing is Wang, a name shared by 10.35% of the population. So don’t be surprised if you meet a lot of Mr., Ms., and Mrs. Wang in the city.
    Top tree restaurants to try: 
  • Taste - the Delights of Yunnan Flavor (best tasting dumplings) Location:82-3 Dongsi Sitiao, Dongcheng District (Workers' Stadium)
  • Din Tai Feng (best siopao in town) 
  • Location: 24 Xinyuanxili Zhongjie, Chaoyang District (Workers' Stadium)
  • Oasis CafĂ©’. (great coffee, pizza and plus lip-smacking desserts) Location: No.1, Jingshan Front Street, Dongcheng District