Plantation Bay

If you travel to Cebu and are looking for an outstanding place where you can chillax, Plantation Bay is the place to be. 

It is the kind of resort with a touch of class. The resort offers an amazing service. They got staff with good customer service skills. They are tremendously warm and friendly and always more than willing to help and assist for whatever needs are asked from them. Likewise, they strictly follow a no tipping policy.

I specifically enjoyed their lagoons and swimming pools. They are truly an impeccable spot to laze around, swim and get a tan. The design was artistically done to blend with the scenery. Plantation Bay is a symphony in water. I loved all the 4 freshwater pools of exceptional design. For unlimited frolicking, everyone can enjoy the water-slides which come in all shapes and lengths that can also be thrilling a little scary. Kids can have fun on the mist-caves , volcano fountains; and bubble-benches plus the rainmakers and waterfalls of every size. 

Another good thing that the resort can offer is its 5 different available restaurants. Kilimanjaro KafĂ© features international and Filipino favorites and known for its world-famous breakfast buffet with different culinary themes . Fiji Restaurant got seafood, Japanese, Korean and other Asian cuisine. Palermo is a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant that offers Spanish tapas, steaks and Italian pastas. Savannah Grill is the restaurant which serves fast-food favorites with 5-star flair- the burger and steaks plus the stateside hotdogs literally melt in your mouth. 

There are a lot of activities that can be done inside the resort. There’s a high-end-equipped gym for health enthusiasts. There’s also game room which houses 2 billiard tables, air-hockey, foosball, table tennis and computer games. The resort also has other sports activities which include archery, wall-climbing, golf pitch-and-putt, tennis and beach volleyball. 

I totally enjoyed my stay at Plantation Bay. The facilities are first class. If you want a nice isolated spot better try this place for a week of two because it is guaranteed that you'll definitely experience peace and relaxation. I love this place... I would recommend it and definitely will come back.