On Witnessing Beauty and Brain on Stage

I still remember when my niece Jade  told me that she was not accepted in joining the beauty contest in school. She was then in her junior year in college at Holy Angel University in Angeles City. The only reason why she was rejected was she was not tall enough.

It has been a year. My niece once more auditioned and hoped to finally make it. She is still not tall enough however, she is now smarter and much more determined. During the preliminary pageant, she had the chance to voice out her opinion and said beauty cannot be measured by height or body size because real beauty comes from within. Having said that, she made it to the finalist. A total of 9 ladies were chosen to compete for Miss SAS & SED. (School of Arts and Sciences & School of Education).

I had a great time watching the show. All the candidates were gorgeous looking. Out of 9 candidates, only 4 will be chosen as the finalists. There were more than 15 minor awards. Miss Talent, Best in Casual Wear, Costume, Long Gown  and Miss Congeniality are among those which I think are most important of all. My niece didn't get any of them. She was awarded as Miss Professionalism, which I didn't even know what it was for. I thought of it as a consolation award.

I patiently waited for the announcement of 4 finalists. I was so scared when the first 3 finalists were called and my niece was not one of them. I looked at all the remaining ladies. There was one who was so tall who looked like a model, another one was so fair skinned and looked like a movie star. And then I saw my niece, pretty and smiling confidently, her chin was up while wearing her 4-inch heels shoes. Everything happened so fast and I was glad to hear her name being called as the 4th finalist.

The most important segment of any beauty contest is the Question & Answer portion.

There was only one question which was asked for all the 4 finalists. "How can a simple Angelite like you be a hero to other students?"

I watched and listened carefully to the answers of the first 3 finalists. I felt the tension and the their nervousness. It wasn't easy being in front of a large audience. NOVERTHELESS, when the time came for my niece to answer, she showed how smart and confident she was. without batting an eyelash, she nailed that Q&A portion.


This is how my niece answered the question - "God has given us the talent for us to use for the greater good. And that is what I am doing today. I'm a performing artist from Uyat Artista whose mission is to promote and uplift the culture, the language and the values of the Kapampangans. And in my simple way I believed that I have helped many people through this. That is all , thank you."

My niece got the title and
brought home the crown..!

I was totally glad to see how confident my niece was during the entire show. She was oozing with grace and confidence all throughtout the show especially during the Q&A segment. She captured the heart of the judges and the whole crowd. 

This is all I can say ... A beauty pageant candidate cannot just be beautiful by looks, moreover she must be smart and intelligent enough and knows how to speak with an objective.

Congratulations, Miss SAS & SED 2016 
Jade Maris Orona...!