RBL ION MNL 2016: The Unconference

Manila was the home of RBL.ION, the biggest unconference: RBL.ION.MNL

I was lucky to have been invited to join this event. This was not the predictable conference that most people are used to attending. It involved wild thinking of sorts.

It was a gathering of an assembly of the advanced people who make certain that the ecosystems will be brought into being to thrive and prosper. They were a mixed of artists, entrepreneur, inventors and investors coming from different fields.

The experience I had was a chaos in a good way (if there is such a thing). In point of fact it was a well thought-out mayhem. Everything was a combination of live experiences with niche activities.

I specifically listened to 4 speakers whom I found very interesting:

  1. Carlos Celdran, a Filipino tour guide, cultural activist and performing artist,

2.Mito Fabie, aka Curtismith, a young rap artist whose song impressed renowned philanthropist Richard Branson

3. Paco Guerrero, editorial and commercial photographer and cinematographer based in Manila. He is also the Executive Editor of GRID Magazine.

4. Kenneth Cobonpue, a multi-awarded furniture designer and manufacturer from Cebu. He graduated in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute in New York with highest honors and subsequently worked in Italy and Germany.

Their focus was so simple: to teach, guide and inspire. They all  started by exploring the meaning of Rebel and Rebellion.

The event was produced by A SPACE, the Philippines leading cowork + collaboration project. It happened last Oct 28-29th, 2016 at CITEM Manila.