On Celebrating Thanksgiving Day at Work

Just between Halloween and Christmas is a very important holiday called Thanksgiving Day.

Celebrating it at home with the family is so easy as long as there are sumptuous food on the table, a sit down dinner will suffice.

My workplace is a  fun place because instead of the usual potluck party, we rented out a buffet restaurant where everyone can indulge to their hearts' desire.

However, before that date comes, thank you cards were made available for all employees so they can write sweet notes to colleagues who made a difference in their lives.  It's always nice when someone you know pays you a genuine compliment .

We always believe in the values:
excellence and doing the right thing.

Doing something nice for others can truly  be overwhelming. At times, the little things we do can really make someone else's day.

Indeed, "Thanksgiving"  can be a great change of pace and provide a much-needed break.

Thanksgiving, showing your thankfulness for one another this holiday season is the best thing you can do to celebrate.