On Experiencing Fun Dining at Movie Stars Cafe'

Lara, my super adorable niece whom I fondly call Wowow had her 18th birthday last December 18, 2016. I wasn't able to hang out with her on her special day because she stayed in Hongkong for 2 weeks during that time. We agreed that we will have our time together when she
gets back.

My niece isn't like any other 18-year-old girls out there. She's more like Peter Pan who doesn't wanna grow old. She wants to take things slow. With that being said, as soon as she came back, I decided to bring her to a place where she can dine and have fun at the same time.

I brought her to the much talked about themed restaurant called Movie Stars Cafe. The ambiance is perfect for movie fanatics. It's a museum/restaurant sort of. So many movie posters were hanged on the wall. Life sized figurines of famous superheroes and cartoon characters were scattered around the place.

My niece and I went there around 2pm for our late lunch. The moment we stepped inside the restaurant, my niece's eyes beamed with with glee and asked me if it was actually a toy museum. She totally loved it. The funny thing was, we were the only customers at that time.

The resto was known for its waiters/waitresses wearing Cosplay costumes. Nevertheless, they are only available during nighttime. We had the normal looking waitress who took our orders. My niece ordered "The Secret Garden: spaghetti with an enthralling mix of broccoli, cream cheese, and ham.

I had "Fight Club:R rasted chicken chops, crispy bacon, boiled egg slices, melt-in-your-mouth butter, freshly picked tomatoes, and crisp lettuce with herb mayonnaise dressing in one tasty sandwich."

We also ordered "blueberry cheesecake" for dessert/bday cake.

I must say that we had a great experience. Good food, great service and cool ambiance. We consider going back at nighttime any moment soon and hope to bump into SpiderMan, IronMan, Batman Cat Woman or Barbie.

Movie Stars Cafe' is located at the Mall of Asia Complex (MOA),Building D, SM By The Bay, Seaside Boulevard, Pasay City