On Finding Passion in Photography

I work in a challenging & demanding BPO company. Incidentally, my stress reliever is Photography.

  I find joy in taking pictures. I am a travel enthusiast. I stop & stare at the striking view while I’m outdoor. It makes me slow down and allows me to appreciate nature.

With photos, I could freeze nature in one picture, as a result, I can record my own memories and share them with those not lucky enough to see what I've seen.

Photography is my passion. My style reflects my view and how I want others to see it the way I did. As they say, photography is about the person behind the camera and the way how that person interprets the world. I believe it is best to capture pure & real moments as they were happening. After taking some shots I only do simple editing so I can come up with the best picture possible.

Some people measure success by having luxurious material things. As for me, success is living a simple life and being able to do what you really want.


  1. You are one of my greatest inspiration, my friend.


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