Sunday, January 1, 2017

On Listing Down Stop Doing List.

Whatever I believe I should stop doing is equally important as what I need to start and continue doing.

I already started mapping out my creative thinking intentions for 2017 just right after the 25th of December. I called it intentions instead of resolutions. 

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If I am to understand and realize my intentions, I could just as easily focus on 1 important thing: STOP.

Stopping is equal to having much time to experience for what matters most. Think back on what really transpired on the previous year. Give time to realize what didn’t work, things which involved bitterness and weighed you down totally. Agree with me when I say that you can’t continue to do things you amply dislike and hope they’re going to transform into some sort of pleasurable activities over time. It doesn’t work that way, sorry.

Think of bitterness as a blasting STOP sign and then just stop.

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Let me share some suggestions for STOP Doing List for 2017:

1.Stop putting off things that you have always wanted to try.

2.Stop making excuses for not exercising or not making time to take care of your body.

3.Stop spending all of your free time with social media.

4.Stop eating junk food every day. Cheat day should only be once a week. Don’t cheat.

5.Stop comparing yourself to other people.

6. Stop ignoring people in your life because you are busy.

7.Stop spending large amount of money for fancy coffees every day. Water is still and will always be the best drink for life.

8.Stop feeling guilty about wanting to treat yourself. Reward yourself for doing a good job.

9.Stop over-scheduling yourself. Never forget that it is alright to turn down plans and not feel guilty at all. Stick to pleasing yourself.

10.Stop depriving yourself of something you actually deserve. It's okay to experience indulgence at times.

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You may think that stopping what’s draining and distracting is a hard thing to do. It may be a bit challenging but in the end, it will give you a great reward. Having listed all the suggestions, I now want to ask you . . WHAT WILL YOU STOP DOING THIS YEAR 2017?

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