Monday, March 6, 2017

On Doing Bar Hopping with a Good Old Friend

Two years ago, I bumped into 2 guys in Boracay , one was Malaysian and the other was a Taiwanese. We instantly liked each others because we all enjoy the nightlife --drinking and clubbing plus the good vibes. We had a great time at a certain old but still famous bar in the island called  "Cocomangas" .

We all became so busy when we got back to the city. We planned on meeting again at the metro and grab some beers  but it didn't happen for the last 2 years.

We kept in touch through social media and yesterday was the perfect date that we finally met again. Too bad, the Taiwanese guy was not in town.

Joshua, the Malaysian guy and I bonded over doing these:

We first had a beergarita at Periri Peri Charcoal Chicken Greenbelt 3, had a bottle of San Miguel Beer Dry at Dillinger's 1903, Greenbelt 3, munched on pizza and Charlie Chan pasta at Yellow Cab Greenbelt 1, watched the movie LOGAN at Greenbelt 3 Movie House,
drank Stella Artois at The Belle & Dragon, had a shot of whiskey sour and smoked Monte Cristo cigar at Mandalay Whisky, and ended drinking hot Green Tea Latte at Starbucks Reposo.

It was one hell of a good time and we  hope that next time, Mars, the Taiwanese guy will be able to join us for a cool and awesome get together.

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