Conway Scenic Railroad: An Old-Fashioned Railroad Experience On A Vintage Train

 I celebrated the Fourth of July by experiencing the famous Conway Scenic Railroad. My very sweet sistah made the reservation and everything was a big surprise. 

She booked first class -- the Notch Train trip at the Dome Car. The seats were comfortable. The higher point of view provided better visibility in several directions.

We had a tour guide named Lucy who was very charming and funny at the same time. (her real name is Donna but she said she responds to the name Lucy) She pointed out items of interest and told stories of the local history and early settlers. The narration was indeed filled with fun facts about the natural surroundings, and railroad history.

It was an enjoyable 5 hour trip. I had a great time watching the scenery of the forests, the area mountain and many views of the Saco River. It was interesting to cross rivers and see the spot from a new perspective, furthermore climbing in elevation brought the mountains ever closer.

Since we availed the First Class Package, we were served with a 3-course luncheon aboard our beautiful dining car, the Hattie Evans.

The train went up to Crawford Notch. We got off the train and stayed for an hour. I did legs stretching , explored the beautiful surroundings and took some photos.

To put it briefly, my Conway Scenic Railroad train experience was great. The scenery was excellent and the ride was relaxing. All the equipments are vintage, unique, and historic. Riding this train is like experiencing what travelers of the 19th and 20th century would have experienced.