My Kpop Airline Experience

I booked my flight on my recent trip to US thru and I chose Korean Airlines. The only reason was because it was the most affordable during that time.

My flight started from NAIA International Airport in Manila transiting to Incheon , Korea then straight to JFK New York City NY.

It was my 1st time travelling with Korean Air and I must admit that I was totally satisfied. I didn't have a hard time checking-in. 

The airline crew was well trained. They were all friendly and more than happy to assist at all times. I was immediately supplied with pillow, slippers, blanket moreover toothbrush/toothpaste and earphones. What I like the most are the available meals: there are always 3 options- chicken-beef-fish you can chooose rice or bread rolls that goes with it. All come with veggies, fruit, tea/coffee/wine and dessert! All throughout the flight, the flight attendants kept offering the available drinks.

The entertainment in-flgiht is also worth mentioning. There were numerous choices for movies , TV shows, music and games. I also cannot complain about the restrooms for they were maintained fresh and spot free. - very comfortable, efficient and clean. I felt very safe travelling with Korean Air.

Having said all these, I would definitely travel with Korean Air again.

**Please note that this is not a paid post. The AUTHOR was not in any way compensated for the review.. He was just a happy camper and would like to share the experience he had with the airline.